September 30, 2022

London restaurants

Best restaurants in chelsea London

Best restaurants in Chelsea

The King’s Road hotel is located in the expensive areas of Chelsea and Fulham. Most famous in the center of London’s Swinging Sixties. It has a chic fashion boutiques. This is the main feature that helped raise the city’s reputation. London is considered one of the world’s largest fashion capitals. Not long ago, there were no high-class restaurants on the street.

London chefs have improved their level to the level of fashion. That’s why everything has changed. Today, there are many excellent places here. Cheap eateries are located next to upscale gourmet restaurants.

Ivy Chelsea

Chelsea is an Outpost of one of the best upscale restaurants. The legend of the London restaurant is not so famous and starry. The most famous original in Covent Garden . Not so long ago, the restaurant was renovated. Luxurious marble, lots of soft leather and winter furniture, potted trees, and green ceilings create a cozy atmosphere in the restaurant.

Ivy Chelsea is just a great place to stay.

The restaurant menu is more suited to the style of a beer restaurant. Covent Garden includes more simple and classic gourmet dishes on its menu. The menu includes steak with chips and chicken Milanese. Delicious food is only half the story. Ivy Chelsea is just a great place to stay.

The World’s End Market

Previously unremarkable pub The World’s End Market has turned into a stylish restaurant serving fresh meat and fish. This restaurant has the best meat in the world. The much-vaunted beef that comes from a small Spanish farm. Slow-cooked bull tongue and steak tartare are very tasty. These specialties have created a reputation for the restaurant. A great dish is the best sirloin steak from a premium bull. After trying the steak, you will be delighted. The restaurant’s location is filled with history and heritage. The ground floor has a cozy terrace and bar, but the piece de resistance is an underground cocktail bar. By visiting the piece de resistance you will plunge into wartime Britain. Its walls are dotted with world war II paraphernalia and regulars who must wear military-style blazers when they serve their drinks. It sums up this unique restaurant that combines fantastic food, a lively atmosphere, and the originality of bone fide.


Many who have ever tried Peruvian food, will be interested: “Is it served in London?» “How long did it take for the cuisine of the South American nation to become popular in London?” The art of Peruvian cuisine has recently become known in England and it has become very popular. Chicama is the name of a coastal city in Peru.

Chicama in London

It is a branch of the Chelsea from Pachamama to Marylebone. The seafood menu and deep Latin rhythms emanating from the sound system help create a buzzing atmosphere. Be sure to try small plates, including sea bass ceviche. This is probably the most outstanding offer!


Previously, the best restaurant in Chelsea was an art Deco garage complex. Today it is a beautiful multifunctional restaurant complex. One of the best restaurants in the famous London chain of d&d restaurants. Its menu is varied. The restaurant competes with the best restaurants in the Mediterranean.

Main Restaurant Weddings Hire Bluebird Chelsea.

Dishes such as chorizo, scallops, and steak tartare are constantly appearing here. And very tasty and flavorful baked black cod! Important here is not only delicious and mouth-watering dishes, a very beautiful interior of the cafe and courtyard. Visitors can order a weekend brunch, seasonal menu, and afternoon tea.


Visiting Kurobuta you will notice that this place is not suitable for the prestigious and bright areas of Chelsea. It’s more suited to edgy SOHO. Here everything is mixed and seems out of place – it’s created hip-hop atmosphere, Japanese food, and soothing indie music. Kurobuta is popular among residents and visitors to the city. Many people like Kurobuta. Especially, those who love simple and delicious Japanese cuisine and a great sense of pleasure.

Kurobuta London Chelsea

There is a popular bar at the entrance. In it, you will find drinks for every taste! You will be offered Asian beer and Midori, Oriental cocktails with sake, and trendy shooters. If you are not on the way to get to the place of king’s road, in the marble arch you can find the original

Made in Italy

Italy, Naples is widely considered the birthplace of pizza. Fans of real Italian pizza exist all over the world. There are pizzerias in London, too. These are pizzerias that attract pizza lovers with their real Italian taste. This pizzeria is located on the king’s road, not far from the famous Saatchi gallery. The small pizzeria is always crowded.

Made in Italy

The pizzeria uses handmade dough Made in Italy, imported Italian ingredients. Delicious pizza is prepared in a wood-burning oven. If you happen to be in such a pizzeria, and you are not a fan of pizza, there are a number of pasta and salads on the menu for you. In Sunny weather, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape at a table on the beautiful roof terrace.

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